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Envisioned in 2003, pursuant to the need for a more effective style and execution of existing private security, Ranger Protection Agency was started by Chief David B. Jarrett and Assistant Chief Brian L. Kelley. We were established on an unusual concept of "desperation, not inspiration." We would love to say we simply wanted to start a private security company one day, but this wasn't the case. However, what started as a desperate need became our calling.

A Brief History

At the time of the Ranger Protection Agency's creation, David and Brian owned and managed properties including, but not limited to, apartment complexes, offices, nursing homes, farms and land. With growing crime rate in Austin and surrounding areas, police weren't readily available due to scarce city resources at the time, and security companies weren't up to the task of providing an effective level of service. Ultimately, this was costing excessive time and money to land and business owners and reducing the value of their investments.

After years of managing properties, businesses, staff, and tenants, we had many meetings with Austin Police Department, Austin Code Compliance, the Austin Tenant Council, the City of Austin, Travis County, and other city and county entities. It became clear that the only true way to garner the results we were seeking in the secure management of property investments was to be proactive and get involved in the protection ourselves.

It was time for security to evolve with the changing world around it. For several years, Ranger Protection Agency worked to create the most streamline private security service to provide real results to businesses and property owners. David coined a phrase that we think best suits our entire business model and the standard operating procedures that the Ranger Protection Agency operates by to this day:

"We don't understand your security needs, we OWNerstand."

"Ownerstanding" means that we saw results on our own properties. We worked hard to develop what we believe is the ideal model for achieving the best results all around, period.

Jump fifteen years later and Ranger Protection Agency has maintained offices in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and even other states. We have protected celebrities, transported valuables, investigated crimes, arrested fugitives, and made an incalculable difference to the various communities and clients we serve.

As of 2017, we maintain offices in Austin and San Antonio. We value each and every client and thank them for making the Ranger Protection Agency what it is today!